Blues for Brooke Baldwin

CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin badly wanted Syrian guest Kassem Eid to trash President Trump. Eid is a 2013 gas attack survivor who now lives in Germany. Baldwin tried to recover after Eid did the unthinkable and actually expressed gratitude to Trump for the American reprisal targeting the Syrian air base from which this week’s sarin gas attacks had been launched by Assad.

Baldwin was prepared with video cued up and ready to go. Baldwin’s effort, however, blew up in her face rather impressively (video below).

Baldwin’s grief appears to reach funereal levels as Eid not only thanks Trump, but also dumps on the gods worshiped by CNN. Baldwin can barely restrain her tears. Oh, the pain. Cut!

Via Debra Heine/PJ Media.

JOHN adds: We have made this point repeatedly. The humanitarian thing to do is not bringing tens of thousands of Syrians to America as refugees. Rather, at a fraction of the expense we can protect vastly more Syrians where they live, and where they want to stay. And if we really want to be humanitarians, we should lead a movement to bring the insane carnage in Syria to an end.