Democrats Pin Hopes On Naked Singing Cowboy

The Democrats are spending millions on all of the special elections that are being held to fill seats vacated by House members who have been appointed to positions in the Trump administration. They see these elections as a way to symbolically repudiate Donald Trump, and they think that by deploying their vast financial resources, they can steal a seat or two that they wouldn’t normally win.

Such a race is taking place in Montana to fill the seat formerly held by Ryan Zinke, now Secretary of the Interior. The Democrats, seeking someone who can pretend to be a common man, have nominated Rob Quist, a singing cowboy who often performs with his daughter. Quist apparently has a good bit of name recognition, and how much more Montana can you be than a cowboy singer?

Only, unfortunately, it turns out that one of Quist’s main musical venues is a nudist colony. You can’t make this stuff up. The Free Beacon has the story:

Montana Democrat Rob Quist, a locally famous musician, is a frequent performer at the Sun Meadow Resort, Idaho’s premier nudist resort for guests seeking a “family nudist experience.”

Quist, running to represent Montana in Congress, is featured front and center on the nudist resort’s website playing the guitar with his singer daughter. Both are clothed, though others on the website’s homepage are not.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 8.07.46 PM

When Quist and his daughter perform at Sun Meadow Resort, they do so before a naked audience:


So Quist isn’t actually a “naked singing cowboy,” as suggested by our post title. Rather, he is a cowboy singing to the naked. Which is probably slightly better–although not much–if you are running for Congress.

The Free Beacon notes that Quist has been performing at Sun Meadow Resort at least since 2009. His most recent appearance, as noted on the nudist resort’s web site, was in 2014. His daughter still plays there regularly.

One of the nudist resort’s singularly bad ideas is nude cross country skiing. Trust me, if there is one thing you don’t want to do while naked, it is cross country ski. Think I’m kidding? No.


I’ve never thought much about the nudist lifestyle. Sun Meadow says that it offers “a family nudist experience that is appropriate for children.” Maybe. But I am pretty sure you would find the photo of a naked father shooting archery with his equally naked, very young daughter as creepy as I did. And this description would make most people reach for a stack of beach towels:

Kids usually take to our clubs like ducks to water, joyfully running, playing, and splashing without a stitch on.

Rob Quist’s web site says that “he will bring the ‘values of rural Montana’ with him to Congress if elected.” Somehow, I don’t think that is going to happen.