Donald Trump Asks a Good Question

Yesterday the Democrats organized Tax Day rallies across the country, where lefties demanded that President Trump release his tax returns. They generally weren’t well attended, but they achieved their principal purpose, which was to generate headlines in friendly newspapers–i.e., all of them.

It was a coordinated national effort, so President Trump asked the obvious question:

“Someone should look into who paid for the small organized rallies yesterday. The election is over,” he tweeted.

The AP reported Trump’s question, but had no interest in finding the answer. We can all probably guess.

The tax return issue probably polls reasonably well, in the sense that if you ask people whether President Trump should release his tax returns most probably answer, “Sure. Why not?” How many people care is another matter entirely. Speaking for myself, I am still waiting to see President Clinton’s and President Obama’s medical records, and Obama’s school records. I have never seen a liberal reporter speculate about why Obama’s college and law school records are a state secret, but I have a pretty good guess on that one, too.

Why do the Democrats persist in silly antics like their “tax day” rallies? Because on the issues, they are out of ammo.