French voters in the U.S. have no use for Le Pen

Here is how the vote among French citizens living in the United States went in the presidential election, according to a post I saw on Facebook that cited an official government source:

Macron: 51 percent
Fillon: 25 percent
Mélenchon: 10 percent
Hamon: 5.5 percent
Le Pen: 5 percent

Macron and Fillon can be viewed as candidates of, respectively, the center-left and the center-right establishments. Mélenchon and Le Pen can be viewed as candidates of, respectively, the populist left and the populist right.

If you’re a French citizen living the U.S., you probably aren’t a French populist. In addition, you probably aren’t directly affected by the waves of Muslim immigrants to France and by the Islamist extremism that, in recent times, this immigration has produced.

In addition, you are probably an internationalist and a fan, to one degree or another, of the global economy. You probably don’t feel unduly squeezed or threatened by globalization and/or Muslim immigration.

Unhappiness with Muslim immigration and globalization fuels Le Pen’s candidacy. So it’s not surprising that she did so poorly with U.S. voters and, I assume, others who cast their vote outside of France.


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