How low can the Times go?

Yesterday the New York Times published an op-ed column by Marwan Barghouti. The column explains why he’s on a hunger strike in an Israeli prison. The Times identified Barghouti as “a Palestinian leader and parliamentarian.”

The Times has now thoughtfully appended this editor’s note: “This article explained the writer’s prison sentence but neglected to provide sufficient context by stating the offenses of which he was convicted. They were five counts of murder and membership in a terrorist organization. Mr. Barghouti declined to offer a defense at his trial and refused to recognize the Israeli court’s jurisdiction and legitimacy.” (Here is a little background on the five murders of which Barghouti was convicted.)

Adapting the e.e. cummings poem “everybody happy?,” I add this question and answer:

Q: How low can the Times go?

A: Lower.

Via Omri Ceren/Twitter (below).


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