I Can’t Even

John offered us a portrait last night (about a portrait!) of how the left has lost its mind, but if you need further evidence of the left’s flight from reason and reality, take in (a very little) of this video of “Queer Dance Party for Climate Justice at Ivanka Trump’s House.”

I think this is what is meant by “intersectionality”?  (/sarc)

Hat tip: PJ Media.

P.S. I’m tagging this “uncategorized,” because seriously?

P.P.S. I recall watching a typically flamboyant gay pride parade in San Francisco at the Democrats’ 1984 convention (I was there as a journalist), and a GOP operative standing next to me remarked, “You know, back in 1972 we paid people to do this at McGovern’s convention. Now they’re doing it for us for free.” Welcome to 2017.