New Special VIP Bonus Announcement

A lot of people asked months ago if any of my Berkeley classes would be live-streamed or video recorded, and alas the answer is no. First, I was assigned a lecture hall that doesn’t have video recording capability. But second, Berkeley’s entire online catalogue of classes has been taken down because it isn’t compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and it would be too expensive to make the online material complaint.

But Power Line has a deal for you! Because I’m away from class serving a one-week sentence as an inmate at Boulder again, I videotaped two lectures for the class this week, about the long decline of the Supreme Court’s protection of economic liberty. (I even—gasp!—defend the supposedly indefensible Lochner decision!) And we’ve decided to make these lectures available to all Power Line VIP subscribers.

And if you’re wondering whether it’s worth it to join Power Line VIP for a mere $4 a month just to watch me drone on and on, here’s the two-minute trailer I prepared for the class last week to make sure they’d show up, which shows me droning on in a different way:

So just slide your cursor over to the blue box on the right side of our home page, and sign up. The first lecture will be delivered to VIP subscribers this weekend. More to come in the future perhaps.


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