One Reason Why Trump’s First 100 Days Have Been a Huge Success

The hundred-days idiocy will soon be behind us, to be followed by some other excuse for Trump-bashing. The whole thing is silly, but apparently inescapable, so it is worth noting that the progress President Trump and the Republican Congress have made in reducing government regulations is a more substantial positive achievement than anything Barack Obama accomplished in eight years, let alone 100 days. The regulations that Congress rolled back under the Congressional Review Act, together with President Trump’s executive orders–the two-for-one repeal order, among others–will give our economy a perceptible boost.

The liberal press fails to acknowledge this, in part because liberals have an irrational belief in both the virtue and the efficacy of government regulation. But Michael Ramirez knows better. Click to enlarge:


Why was economic growth so poor during Barack Obama’s eight long years in office? In large part, because of the proliferation of irrational, counterproductive regulations from power-hungry federal agencies. If Donald Trump accomplishes nothing other than reversing that trend, his administration will be a success.