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At CNN, liberal Chris Cillizza writes about Sean Spicer’s Hitler/chemical warfare gaffe:

Chris Cillizza

Chris Cillizza

White House press secretary Sean Spicer forgot the first rule of politics during a press briefing on Tuesday: Never, ever compare anyone or anything to Adolf Hitler.

Has Cillizza just returned from a 20-year exile in Albania? Did he miss #bushitler? Is he really unaware that most of his fellow Democrats can’t utter a sentence about President Trump that doesn’t include the H-word? What we see here is a bizarre lack of self-knowledge.

Donald Rumsfeld?

Donald Rumsfeld?

Page Six reports that Christian Bale has been signed to play Dick Cheney in a biopic about the former vice president. The film will be directed by Adam McKay, who made The Big Short, a counterfactual left-wing film about the 2008 financial collapse. Wikipedia describes McKay as “a supporter of the Democratic Party and other liberal causes” who endorsed Bernie Sanders for president.

That’s not all! Steve Carell will play Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. It shapes up as another balanced Hollywood take on the Bush administration. No doubt it will lose a great deal of money.

The Associated Press reports on outrage that Mexicans are directing toward President Trump. This supplements their daily reports on outrage that American liberals are directing toward the president. The AP says that “Mexico is mobilizing to resist President Donald Trump’s policies.” #Resist!

Faced with the U.S. president’s anti-immigrant stance, Mexico has set up workshops and hotlines to educate migrants about their rights in the face of deportations….

Trump is not anti-immigrant. Actually, I am not aware of a single American who is anti-immigrant. Possibly Pat Buchanan. Conspicuously absent from the AP’s “news” story is the word “illegal.”

“We are not accustomed to getting down on our knees,” [leftist presidential candidate] Lopez Obrador said of U.S. relations. “We are going to defend our migrants. We are going to defend our human rights.”

There is no “human right” to travel illegally from one country to another. Does Mexico not have immigration laws? Of course it does. Does Mexico not enforce its immigration laws? Of course it does. Do Guatemalans have a “human right” to travel illegally to Mexico? No.

It is one thing for a leftist Latin American politician to traffic in ignorance, but it is sad to see the Associated Press doing the same.


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