Such a deal (2)

Here and here, we noted Josh Meyer’s 7300-word investigative report for Politico on the odious hostage deal we arrived at with Iran last year further to the even more odious JCPOA. When it comes to the approach of President Obama and his flacks to these deals, let me adapt the song made famous by Jerry Lee Lewis: whole lotta lyin’ goin’ on.

If the Democrats’ mainstream adjunct has its way — those who profess to be outraged by Trump’s falsehoods — Meyer’s report and its import will be kept a deep, deep secret. Scott Whitlock notes at MRC’s NewsBusters site that word of Meyer’s report was crowded out by a more important story: “While ABC, CBS and NBC on Monday and Tuesday found time to celebrate the return of ‘easy-going,’ rested Barack Obama to the public scene, none of them covered the release of a blockbuster expose that reveals the buried secrets of the ex-President’s Iran deal giveaway.”

As for the lyin’, Michael Rubin points out that it may be obligatory under the terms of the JCPOA. Rubin quotes the pertinent provision: “Senior Government Officials of the E3/EU+3 and Iran will make every effort to support the successful implementation of this JCPOA, including in their public statements.” Rubin adds: “A footnote clarified that this applied to senior U.S. administration officials.”

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif cites the provision to keep the Trump administration in line. Not a discouraging word is to be heard. It’s illegal, according to Zarif. Rubin comments: “In an Orwellian twist, pointing out Iranian violations of the JCPOA becomes a violation itself.”

Rubin calls on the close reading skills of a literary critic to find a way out. He suggests that “make every effort” is not infinitely malleable. However Obama and Kerry interpreted the passage, Rubin urges President Trump and Secretary Tillerson to resist the notion that “every effort” extends to lying.


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