The Stars In Their Courses

In Syria, in Afghanistan, in North Korea, in Russia and Iran, the wheel is in spin. No one knows what will happen. Will President Trump’s suddenly assertive foreign policy be vindicated? I hope so. I agree with Charles Krauthammer that America is back, and with Paul that kicking the can down the road on North Korea–Obama’s foreign policy, when he wasn’t actively trying to undermine American interests–is no longer viable.

Reporters, searching as always for an anti-Trump angle, are mostly fixated on the President’s supposed flip-flops. (They tend not to mention his campaign vow to “bomb the s*** out of ISIS.”) Whatever. The fact that “America first” was an isolationist message in the 1930s does not mean that it is an isolationist message today. Trump has consistently vowed to build up the nation’s military. I, for one, inferred that he would occasionally be willing to use it.

While we are waiting for events to unfold, we may as well enjoy a few cartoons. Michael Ramirez has been inspired by recent events. Birthday Message. Click to enlarge:


North Korea’s Day In the Sun, Shadowed:


Russian Denial: