The Week in Pictures: Liberalism for Children Edition

I hadn’t realized, until I got sidetracked on an Amazon book search, that liberalism has fully transformed itself into a creed for children. Check out the first few titles below. Meanwhile, United Airlines is the gift that keeps on giving, but shouldn’t we actually praise them? In these polarizing times, no one has done as much to unite the American people as the appropriately named United. If they need to alter their brand name to fix their current PR problem, perhaps they can change their name to Citizens United. Oh, wait. . .

Hillary 2

Can’t wait for the “Updated for 2017” edition.

Sonia Hillary Book Ginsberg Book

Here comes Chelsea Clinton’s offering, out next month:Chelsea's Book

Pro tip: Here is “she persisted” done right:


United Trek

IMG_0286 IMG_0287

IUnited Fight Club United Doctor

Nork Babysitter

Draw Red Line

MOAb Gender


Rice Video

Nuke Chicken


Scalia Approves

Coal Again


Twilight Zone beatles Netflix Bomb Rickles

Rubiks Cube

Mozart Hashtag


Decoy Museum

So where is the real museum?

First Apple Computer Trappist 1

Person's room at the DNC?

Person’s room at the DNC?

Sam Elliott 2

And fin. . . wait:


Just kidding. And finally. . .