CA Dems Too Much for the Bee Hive

One of the very best analyses of the group dynamic of the Left came from Tom Bethell and Joe Sobran years ago, when they referred to the Left as “The Hive.” Like bees or ants, the Left simply goes into action in a coordinated and instinctual fashion, without need to meet and plan. Naturally the mainstream media is a chief nest of The Hive, and it buzzes constantly on behalf of liberalism.

Hence California’s Bee newspapers—the Sacramento Bee and the Fresno Bee (both long time McClatchy properties)—are appropriately named nodes of conventional liberalism. You could rightly think of them as the Bee Hive. Normally you’d never pay any attention to their house editorials. But the Fresno Bee editorial page over the weekend took note of the spectacle of the recent California Democratic Party convention and found it was even too much for them:

Which of the “D” words would you use to characterize the actions of California Democrats at their state convention in Sacramento over the weekend? Disgraceful? Deplorable Dysfunctional?

Sadly, there’s no wrong answer here.

The state party that brags about leading the “resistance” to President Trump only succeeded in demonstrating to independents and Republicans across the nation that Democrats don’t have their house in order.

For starters, John Burton, the party’s outgoing state chairman told delegates on Saturday, “Now, all together, F— Donald Trump!” and followed with a two-handed, middle-finger salute to our nation’s 45th president.

We would not have been surprised if delegates down on the floor had dropped F-bombs and flipped off Trump. Try as party leaders might to script convention events, delegates are a bit like cats – impossible to herd. . .

Besides being disgraceful, deplorable and dysfunctional, the California Democratic Party is hypocritical, too. How many times have state Democratic leaders called out Trump for his early morning Twitter rants? How many times have they criticized the president for his name-calling? Too many to count.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, the hyperventilating didn’t end with Burton.

RoseAnn DeMoro, as always full of fury at establishment Democrats, riled up members of her California Nurses Association and led them on yet another march, this time to the Sacramento Convention Center. There, they booed Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez and many others deemed uncut from the socialist Bernie Sanders mold.

If Democrats hoped to bring anyone new into the fold of “resistance,” they failed miserably. . .

When you’ve lost the Bee, perhaps it’s a signal that The Hive may be coming apart.


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