Erik Wemple rebukes the Times

Yesterday afternoon Washington Post media blogger Erik Wemple rebuked the New York Times for publishing Bret Stephens’s debut op-ed column. In his debut column Stephens sought to crack open the door to a discussion of the “climate change” orthodoxy otherwise enforced by the Times. As Steve Hayward noted, Times readers promptly went out of their minds.

Wemple, it turns out, is a representative specimen of Times readers. Wemple lamented that he had spent the weekend seeking unsuccessfully to interview James Bennet, the editorial page editor responsible for launching Stephens’s new column. Wemple calls on Bennet to account for the inadequacies Stephens’s debut column and includes the questions he would have posed to Bennet.

Wemple conveys a “say it ain’t so” hysteria that Steve captures in his post, but Wemple is of course proud of it. He is also unintentionally funny. Whole thing recommended for entertainment value.

I can’t wait for Wemple to badger NRO online editor Charles C.W. Cooke for posting Oren Cass’s “Climate-change activists are the real science deniers” this morning. Indeed, I suggest that he do so. How can this be allowed to stand? I’m pretty sure he would find Cooke more forthcoming than Bennet. Erik, get on the case!


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