Hilarious Hillary

Did you hear? Hillary Clinton hacked her way (in every sense of the work “hack”—see the second video below) through a commencement address at her alma mater Wellesley College today, where, among other things, she claimed we live at a time when truth and reason are under assault. This is supposed to be an attack on Trump, of course, but as I have argued here before, it is the postmodern left that has attacked the idea of truth and the role of reason as tools of the oppressive patriarchy. Even language itself, if you are a deep-dish “Foucultist” (as I like to call them), is a purely subjective or socially-constructed tool of power and oppression.

In other words, Hillary is complaining about something her ideological friends created and perpetuate, and which she herself believes, if you go back and take in her infamous 1993 speech on “the politics of meaning,” which celebrated the idea that we “self-create” our own reality.

I had some fun with this problem before the Conference on World Affairs folks in Boulder last month. The video of the first half of my remarks failed to record properly, but they got it working just in time for my summation of why the left doesn’t believe in truth and reason, so Hillary’s nonsense today provides a nice opportunity to share it here (just under two minutes long):

Meanwhile, Hillary continues to cough up a lung just about every time she speaks:

I sure hope she runs again in 2020.


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