Late-Night Hate, Colbert Edition

I have never seen Stephen Colbert perform. From what I have read about his act, I don’t think I have missed out on a lot of laughs. It seems remarkable that someone who has nothing to offer but crazed, over-the-top hate can maintain an audience on television.

Last night Colbert went around the bend:

Colbert’s 12 minute monologue (!) began by addressing Trump’s rally in Pennsylvania over the weekend and and the handful of interviews he granted, singling in on his interaction with Face The Nation host John Dickerson. Trump wasn’t so quick to offer up answers to many questions, including one about his taxes, and told Dickerson he refers to the Sunday morning news program as “Deface The Nation.” To this, Colbert offered, “Donald Trump, John Dickerson is a fair-minded journalist and one of the most competent people who will ever walk into your office, and you treat him like that?”

Dickerson is the far leftist who advised Barack Obama to “destroy the GOP,” to “delegitimize his opponents,” to “go for the throat” and “declare war on the Republican Party.” How fair-minded can you get?

However, Colbert admitted, “I sir, am no John Dickerson” before he unleashed a string of insults, including “Mr. President, I love your presidency, I call it ‘Disgrace The Nation,’” and “You’re the ‘presi-dunce’ but you’re turning into a real ‘prick-tator.’”

Apparently leftists consider this guy a barrel of laughs.

But then he went about as brutal as we’ve ever really seen Colbert get, continuing, “Sir, you attract more skinheads than free Rogaine. You have more people marching against you than cancer. You talk like a sign-language gorilla that got hit in the head.”

And then Colbert finished it off with the most scathing line of them all: “In fact, the only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s cock holster,” which elicited gasps from the studio audience.

I would hope that it elicited gasps from the FCC, too. Or has the decency rule gone the way of decency? You could say Colbert is sophomoric, but that would be insulting to high school sophomores everywhere.

It also seems that Colbert doesn’t follow the news, not even his own network. CBS News reported just two weeks ago on the frosty relationship between President Trump and Putin’s Russia:

The former Cold War adversaries are once again spiraling into confrontation, punctuated by a U.S. attack on a military base controlled by Syrian President Bashar Assad, Russia’s client. No longer optimistic about a “reset” in relations, the U.S. and Russia openly bashed each other Friday, trading caustic accusations about who violated international law.

“That’s it. The last remaining election fog has lifted,” Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev wrote on Facebook on Friday, declaring U.S.-Russian relations “completely ruined.” He said Washington came dangerously close to “a military clash” with nuclear-armed Moscow by firing 59 cruise missiles on the Shayrat air base. Trump said Assad’s forces launched a gruesome chemical weapons attack from the site earlier in the week.

Trump’s intervention, designed to punish Assad, was the clearest demonstration of his willingness to challenge Russian President Vladimir Putin — and in a way no American leader has in a long time.

But there is no use in responding logically to irrational hate of the sort exhibited by Stephen Colbert. It makes me sad that a pathetic loser of his stripe can actually gain an audience.


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