Loose Ends (23)

Been away this weekend, one part of which included hosting Rudy Giuliani at a Pacific Research Institute dinner in Laguna Niguel down in deepest orange Orange County. Among other topics, the mayor talked about what it is like to play golf with both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump (to no one’s great surprise, Clinton cheats relentlessly on the links). I also asked him if Trump’s tweeting could’t be reined in—can’t Jared or Ivanka take his phone away? Giuliani agreed that Trump’s impulsive tweets are a problem but said taking his phone away wouldn’t work for a simple reason: “He has more than one phone.” Sounds rather like an alcoholic who has bottles stashed around the house.

Isn’t this photo of Trump his greatest troll of all time? It practically begs for a caption contest:

I rather like this version:

Upon seeing dozens of Notre Dame graduates walk out of Vice President Pence’s commencement address, I wondered whether any conservative students have ever walked out on any liberal speaker’s college address? I can’t think of a single instance. The fact that it is only lefties who feel compelled to demonstrate their self-righteousness ought to tell us something about the asymmetry of manners, among other things, between left and right. Which leads to this Tweet of the Day:


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