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Climate change: Is there anything it can’t do?

Climate Change Is Making It Harder to Sleep

Climate change is coming for you in the night.

That’s the conclusion of scientists who study how heat disturbs sleep—and how projected warming is expected to make bad sleep even worse. . .

Their new study links that most individual of experiences—falling asleep—with a truly planetary phenomenon—global warming. It joins an expanding body of research suggesting that rising temperatures will gradually change even the most mundane aspects of everyday life.

Add “insomnia” to The Warmlist of everything climate change causes, alphabetically, right between “insect invasion, and “insurance premium rises.” And if you really do have climate-induced insomnia, forget sleep medications: just read a few pages of an IPCC climate assessment. Works faster than Ambien.


Say it ain’t so! I always enjoyed the narrative style of the late William Manchester, even as I reserved a number of criticisms of his Churchill biography and several of his other works, especially A World Lit By Fire, his train wreck of a book about the Renaissance. But it turns out he was likely one of the worst kind of fabulists: a “stolen valor” offender.  Daniel Flynn and Bob Tyrrell have the goods in a devastating expose in The American Spectator:

Manchester wrote such blockbusters as The Death of a President, The Glory and the Dream, and a trilogy on Winston Churchill. He did not serve as valedictorian at the University of Massachusetts. He did not win the Navy Cross. He did not rate a Silver Star. He did not receive two Purple Hearts [all of which he had claimed late in life]. . .

The lists of Silver Star and Navy Cross recipients maintained by the Department of Defense omit Manchester’s name. His 199-page service record, obtained by The American Spectator, contains no mention of the Marine-turned-historian receiving two of the most prestigious awards given for combat valor. . .

Even the valedictorian boast proves false. College transcripts and records provided by the University of Massachusetts Special Collections show that Manchester, a transfer student, graduated without distinction after receiving mostly Bs and Cs in the last class at Massachusetts State College before it became the University of Massachusetts.

It gets worse from here.


My lunchtime talk on “Ronald Reagan and American Conservatives” at the Clements Center at the University of Texas at Austin from back on January 20 is now up on YouTube. Several Power Line readers turned up for this, so I made some new friends. It’s about 35 minutes long, followed by 20 minutes of Q & A, so it takes a while.


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