Miss USA to the Rescue [With Update by John]

I hate to intrude on John’s beat, but he’s missed an important development in not covering the just-completed Miss USA competition, won by Kara McCullough, a scientist working at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. When asked if she thinks health care is a right or a privilege, she gets the right answer without hesitation:

JOHN adds: I am late to the party here, but we should note that it wasn’t only health care. Miss McCullough also declined to describe herself as a feminist. She goes first in the video below.

“Equalist,” I like that. If that isn’t the same as a feminist, why isn’t it? That, I suppose, is a question that liberals won’t try to answer. But the Left went nuts attacking Miss USA on Twitter.

A postscript: Miss Minnesota, unaccountably a finalist, gave a predictably trans-friendly response to the same question. It turns out that Miss Minnesota is a former Miss South Dakota. But that is a scandal for another day.