Now I Get It

During the long campaign I wondered about rumors that the Clintons were secretly behind Trump’s candidacy, or least least hoping he would win the GOP nomination as he’d be the easiest to beat. There’s lots of reporting (and some leaked emails) that the person the Clintons most feared in the GOP field was . . . Jeb Bush. Which shows how bad the Clintons have become at politics. The best laid plans. . .

And then there was the famous photo of the Clintons and the Trumps at Trump’s wedding to Melania a few years back. They certainly looked very chummy there. But now I’ve figured out what it really means, as shown in my new caption below.

Trump Clintons

“So here’s the thing, Bill; I’ll run for president and win, and when I get into trouble I’ll just follow your example of brazening it out. I want to thank you for showing me the path of how to survive big missteps. If it weren’t for you, there’s no way any of this would work for me.”

Postscript: I see that my subtle attempt at ironic humor is elusive for many readers, and I understand that. The point is—all of the breathless liberals and media grandees hyperventilating about Trump being “unpresidential” and perhaps “obstructing justice” might have more standing if they hadn’t lined up so fully behind Bill Clinton 20 years ago. There is no sin liberals commit that doesn’t eventually double back on them.


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