Nut Job II

The latest anonymous leak/news story, the New York Times’s “nut job” scoop, represents a return to the crude and vulgar Donald Trump with whom we became familiar during the campaign. That is, assuming that the anonymously sourced report on a memo by an unidentified author is true.

Assuming the report’s veracity–something that can’t be taken for granted in the case of the Times–this appears to be another self-inflicted wound, the latest in a long series. Michael Ramirez makes the point humorously; click to enlarge:

A second observation is that, again assuming the report is true, President Trump still hasn’t done anything wrong–at least, not beyond the obvious bad taste and poor judgment of talking as he did to representatives of a regime that is a rival, at best. The Trump “scandals” are weird in that, despite day after day in the headlines, there is nothing in particular that Trump actually stands accused of doing, other than being his own, occasionally obnoxious self.

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: Trump is a unique politician. Usually, politicians’ actions don’t measure up to their words. They talk a good game but accomplish little. Trump is the opposite: his words don’t measure up to his actions. If you just pay attention to what he actually does, you will think Trump is enjoying a successful and praiseworthy presidency. It is sad to see Trump undermine himself with one unforced verbal error after another.


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