The Man Who Beat Obama’s Department of Justice, Live and In Person

Howard Root is a hero who deserves to be better known. He was the founder and CEO of a medical products company called Vascular Solutions, Inc. at a time when Barack Obama’s Department of Justice, in its own words, “needed a body.” That is, a business executive they could send to prison. Howard Root became their chosen target.

For five years, Howard and his company battled baseless criminal charges asserted by Obama’s DOJ. Sally Yates, whose name may be familiar to you, played a key role. The case couldn’t be settled, not without providing a “body.” So Howard risked his company and his freedom by taking his case to a jury, trusting to the sense of justice of twelve average Americans.

Howard Root tells his story in a book called Cardiac Arrest. It is a riveting story and, surprisingly often, a funny one. It ends happily: the jury acquitted Howard and Vascular Solutions on all charges. One of the jurors later emailed to Howard, “What the federal government did to you, your company and your employees is nothing short of criminal.” It was a victory, but the victory cost Howard and his company $25 million and five years of agony.

Howard wants to share his story with the widest possible audience. One week from today, Friday, May 12, at noon at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Minneapolis, Howard will speak at Center of the American Experiment’s quarterly lunch forum. If you can get there, you are invited.


All you have to do is call Samantha Peterson at 612.584.4559 to reserve a ticket, or you can register online here. Tickets are $30.

Having heard Howard speak and read his book, I know the event will be interesting. It may also prove historic. Howard’s presentation will be videotaped, and he hopes to take the video to Washington to meet with Attorney General Jeff Sessions. There is a new sheriff at DOJ, and Howard’s experience may be a catalyst that helps Attorney General Sessions clean out the politicized corruption that characterized the Department under Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch.

Two final notes. First, if you happen to be a lawyer licensed in Minnesota, the program has been approved for an hour of CLE credit.

Second, we had Howard Root as a guest for a live Power Line VIP event several weeks ago. It was a unique opportunity not only to hear Howard, but to ask him questions. If you are not already a VIP, you can join, for only $4 a month or $40 a year, by clicking on the blue rectangle at the top of the right sidebar on this site.

If you can make it to our lunch forum next Friday, you should come. I hope to see you there!