Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll decries A RACKET WRIT LARGE. She writes:

A book that had a profound effect on me as a teenager was A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith. Francie, the young protagonist, was, like me, a READER who discovers the library and it changes her life. Unlike Francie, however, we were middle-middle class, living in small towns in South Dakota and Minnesota, and Francie was starvation-level poor, living in a tenement in Brooklyn with a distant mother and a loving but hopelessly alcoholic father.

In the book, there is a neighborhood candy store, run by a fat, creepy child molester. (No, not Lena Dunham; this was in 1912.) He runs a “game” in which a little board has several covered squares with prizes behind them from penny candy to a gorgeous doll prominently displayed. The child can choose a square for a small sum, a nickel, if memory serves me. But nickels were very hard to come by. In all the time Francie plays, she never wins the doll or anything else of value, and only loses her precious coins.

She grows up, is a modest success, and returns to the candy store. She has a couple of dollars now and, in front of witnesses, buys every square on the whole board, over the strenuous objections of the crooked candy store operator. As even I had figured out as a kid, there was NO DOLL behind any of the squares. It was just a cruel racket.

I was put in mind of that racket when we Deplorables won the Presidency, the House and the Senate. We had run the table, bought all the squares on the card! Surely, Conservatism would now have its way draining the swamp! Lucy can’t pick up the football forever, can she? Can she? At some point, shouldn’t Charlie Brown man up and just clock her? Oh, not with a bike lock or anything – that’s just legal for antifa fighters against free speech – just enough of a whack that she maybe wouldn’t do it again.

I do not expect miracles, especially in some silly artificial time limit like 100 days. But for the love of God where is the budget for The Wall? How are the bids going for the project? If money is “owed” to the criminal-protecting scofflaws in “sanctuary” cities or states, just don’t write the checks. How hard is that? Make the judge-shoppers who shut that down try to enforce it.

Here’s what I think: I think the main reason that dozens of self-serving, treacherous Republican elected officials lost their minds when the Deplorables got Trump the nomination was that they had no confidence that Trump understood how this giant con game was supposed to work.

Hillary was SUPPOSED to win; the Obama Third Term would roll on; and the Congresspeople and Senators for Life with a whimsical, meaningless “R” after their names would consort amiably with the D’s, lining their pockets, feathering their nests, eating the famous Senate Bean Soup, never having to abide by the laws they passed, and clucking their teeth every two or six years about how they were prevented from DOING even one thing they promised because Hillary would just veto it. It’s great to be a Minority Party with all of the perks and none of the responsibility. And a lifetime sinecure. Everybody wins but the conservative taxpayer. And anyone who loves America. But I repeat myself.

What real policy differences do John McCain, Paul Ryan, Lindsey Graham and those mealymouthed women I can never even keep straight (Lisa and Susan something?) actually have with Schumer and Pelosi? Please list the differences, ladies. We’re all just supposed to be so gosh-darn happy that you have lady bits that we don’t realize you are worse-than-useless turncoats always on the wrong side of every question?

If the Wall does not get built, if pretend refugees from terror-loving countries do not get properly vetted, if the “peace process” continues to mean taking more pieces from Israel, as God is my witness, I will never vote Republican again or give any money to buy another square behind which is just another liberal prize.

Except for the fact that I would vomit all over myself, why not just go over to The Dark Side? If you’re a Democrat, you get to riot in a mask, burn down buildings, make fake rape charges, make fake hate crime charges, admit to child molestation in your own book, use many branches of the Federal Government to unlawfully harass and intimidate conservatives, advocate cop killing, shout down speakers, call for the murder of the President, and clap like a spastic seal at late-night comics making obscene jokes about the President of the United States. Jokes that would absolutely be deemed “homophobic” from any conservative.

Can you imagine any late-night host keeping his job after saying that Obama’s mouth was a “holster” for the Ayatollah of Iran’s wee-wee? Which, according to the new book about Barry, was not nearly as far-fetched.

And here’s the great part: there are no consequences for any of it!! Consequences are for Life’s Deplorable little losers.


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