Ammo Grrrll on Kathy Griffin

Yesterday I wrote about Kathy Griffin’s weepy press conference in which she portrayed President Trump not as the offended party in her beheading fantasy picture, but rather as the latest in a long line of “older white man” who have tried to derail her career in comedy. I wondered whether Power Line’s resident female comedian, “Ammo Grrrll,” agreed with Griffin’s claim that women face great difficulty making their way in the white male dominated world of comedy.

Actually, I didn’t wonder much. As a loyal reader of “Thoughts from the ammo line,” I was confident that Susan Vass (Ammo Grrrll) considered Griffin’s claim rubbish.

I was right. I’m grateful to Susan for sending me the following response to the whiny Ms. Griffin:

In my 30-year career, I was never “held down” or discriminated against by any “older white male,” or a male of any age. Quite the opposite. It was Dudley Riggs, the impresario of two theaters in Minneapolis, who discovered me and launched me. It was Jan Lok, a businessman in Atlanta, who marketed me nationwide based on seeing one tape of my act. Men reviewers – John Camp (now the best-selling author, John Sandford), Colin Covert, Bob Protzman – wrote glowing reviews of my act.

Whenever you hear a woman comic whine that she doesn’t get the opportunities that the men get, it is because she isn’t funny, and Kathy Griffin has never said anything funny even by accident. Her entire career rests on playing to outrage-loving gay men and the devotees, not of laughter, but of “clapter” – howling at nasty and naughty things said about the people whom they are told to hate. In honesty, I must include here the sad fact about our culture that she has been wildly successful, much rewarded, and lives in Bel Air by Kim Kardashian, whereas I live next to the Paranoid Texan in a Dusty Little Village in Arizona, so maybe I went about it all wrong?

This image of a bloody severed head, of the President of the United States, had it been done by a conservative of a Democrat President, would be considered treasonous or at least inciteful. That it channels the savages of ISIS is grotesque. That –- plus her stated intention to “go after” Barron Trump — lost her any possible First Amendment sympathy I might have had. Did you ever notice how many of these howling harridans do not have children? No woman who has ever raised a vulnerable adolescent boy could think that such an image would not be disturbing to a child.

I am here to tell you that it is entirely possible to have an entire, lucrative comedy career without once intentionally hurting a child. Oh, and I’ll take my DLV over Bel Air any day of the week.


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