Anatomy of the collusion lie

Our friends at that American Greatness site are pushing back on the alleged “collusion” scandal narrative. Andy McCarthy’s “Real collusion” was the first in a series. Brandon Weichert and Chris Buskirk’s “The anatomy of a lie” (i.e., the Trump-Russia collusion scandal) is the second. It aims to tell how the Russia story evolved from a campaign talking point into a witch hunt in search of a crime. Weichert and Buskirk have also produced a 30-minute video to accompany their anatomy; the video is embedded in their essay.

The Weichert/Buskirk anatomy compiles a substantial amount of information and turns it into a narrative with links to relevant source materials. The video gives a timeline documenting how the claim that Donald Trump colluded with Russia in order to “steal” the 2016 U.S. presidential election evolved. It argues the falsity of the claims of collusion. By contrast, evidence points both to the corruption of Hillary Clinton with her email server and the Clinton Global Initiative as well as the Obama administration’s abuse of power to spy on citizens working for the Trump campaign.


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