Axe whiffs on Cotton

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton sat for an interview with former Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod late last week at the University of Chicago Institute of Politics (video below, posted here on YouTube). Judging by the derisive laughter of the audience in response to Axelrod’s lame japes and brain-dead left-wing talking points, I take it that the interview was conducted before a crowd mostly hostile to Senator Cotton. Axelrod, of course, was Axelrod, assaulting Senator Cotton with a barrage of questions reflecting assumptions that toe the left-wing line. Senator Cotton was, as usual, outstanding, shedding light on dark corners. Senator Cotton paid tribute to Axelrod as a host and the University of Chicago as a venue in his concluding remarks.

At about 25:00 Axelrod poses the question of the hour to Senator Cotton about Russia. “You’ve been an outspoken critic of Russia,” he says, “there’s been a little bit of ambiguity on the part of the president about his view of Russia.” Axelrod arches his eyebrows and asks Senator Cotton to elaborate on his view. Good question! I found the whole thing worthwhile, but if you watch nothing else, fast forward to check out Senator Cotton’s response and stick with it for a few minutes.

Senator Cotton famously attempted to foil the so-called Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with the Iranian regime. The worst deal of all time stands as the Obama administration’s crowning foreign policy achievement undermining American national security. It is most disappointing that Axelrod failed to take up the issue with Senator Cotton.

Iran comes up in response to a student’s question at around 55:00 of the video. Axelrod commends Iran on its recent presidential election, again so-called. Really. Senator Cotton concisely comments: “Sham election.”

Quotable quote: “[Obama’s] the one who made fun of Mitt Romney in the debates in 2012 for having a 1980s mindset. I mean, the 1930s should call him about his foreign policy.”