“Friendship,” D.C. style

In an otherwise mildly interesting article by the Washington Post’s Marc Fisher about the flak Washington power lawyer (and hyper-Democrat) Jamie Gorelick is taking from D.C. liberals for representing Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, we find this nugget:

In a quintessentially D.C. move, some longtime friends of Gorelick contacted for this article offered complimentary comments about her on the record, and then, after asking if they could make other remarks without attribution, bashed their colleague to smithereens. Those people will not be quoted in this article, by name or anonymously, as one tiny bulwark against outright awfulness.

Gorelick has a reputation as a nasty piece of work (my only interaction with her, one phone call on a business-related matter, went okay). The “longtime friends” who “bashed her to smithereens” may have been animated by more than just the “betrayal” she committed in working for Ivanka and Kushner. And, regardless of motivation, they probably had plenty of non-Trump-related ammunition.

Even so, the Post’s Fisher is right to be appalled by the anonymity-seeking “friends” of Gorelick. It bolsters the claim that political Washington, D.C. is inhabited by “swamp creatures.” However, out of control high school is probably a better metaphor than “swamp” for this bit of awfulness.


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