Hillary looks back in anger (2)

I actually didn’t do justice to Hillary Clinton’s laundry list of blame for her loss to President Trump in the 2016 presidential election. Not even close. Fox News is using an excellent graphic that extracts the items that can be gleaned from the full transcript of her remarks at the 2017 Recode Conference yesterday. I can’t find the graphic online. Our friend Shannen Coffin, however, provides an almost completely reliable list over at NRO’s Corner. I trust readers can identify the jokes Shannen mischievously inserts into his list, but this may be a case where you need a scorecard.

Here is Shannen’s list:

1) Russia
2) Jim Comey
3) Misogyny
4) Fake News
5) WikiLeaks
6) Scott Walker
7) Wisconsin
8) Voter Suppression
9) The DNC
10) The widespread perception that she would win
11) Supporters who didn’t vote
12) The Media
13) Mikey, the Life Cereal kid
14) Facebook
15) Citizens United
16) Plagues of Locusts
17) Anthony Weiner
18) The New York Times
19) Bill’s dog ate her election
20) Bernie Sanders
21) Her campaign staff
22) Racism
23) Critics who fear her
24) Weaponized information
24 1/2) None of the following:
a) Email servers
b) Failing to campaign in Wisconsin
c) Paid Wall Street Speeches
d) “Basket of Deplorables”
e) Hillary Clinton

Interested readers can go to the tape here


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