How Soon They Forget!

As so often happens, the correction of the day comes from the New York Times:

Correction: June 10, 2017
An article on Tuesday about plans by the Trump Organization to create a new three-star hotel chain with a patriotic flair, known as American Idea, that would echo President Trump’s pledge to put America first misstated the year of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the United States. They occurred in 2001, not 2011.

That is kind of an amazing mistake. For any newspaper, let alone one headquartered in New York. They are still headquartered in New York, aren’t they? They haven’t moved to the Hamptons? They aren’t sharing office space with the DNC in Washington? No, I think they are still in Manhattan.

You might say, it’s only a typo. I certainly hope so! Maybe the failing New York Times is saving money by hiring reporters so young that 2001 and 2011 are equally part of a dim pre-history to them.

But let’s assume it’s a typo. It made its way into the print edition of the paper. Which makes me wonder, as I do so often: does anyone at the Times actually read the stuff they print? Seemingly not. You would think that someone–a secretary, a typesetter (if newspapers still have typesetters), or an editor would notice the error. But at the Times it seems that editors are only a rumor.


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