It’s looking good for Republicans in Georgia-6 [UPDATED]

Republican Karen Handel has what looks like a commanding lead in the special Georgia congressional race. With about 80 percent of the vote counted, she’s up by 52.4 to 47.6 over boy Democrat Jon Ossoff.

The folks at FiveThirtyEight have all but given up on Ossoff. A few minutes ago, Nate Silver said:

Handel is ahead by around 12,500 votes right now, and we expect that there are about 25,000 mail votes still left to count, along with various other election day votes. If the remaining election day votes are a wash — a big assumption — Ossoff would need to win the mail-ins 2-to-1. I suppose that’s not impossible, but it’s a steep hill to climb.

David Wasserman was more direct:

I’m ready to stick a fork in it — and please note that this is my personal projection — Handel defeats Ossoff, Republicans breathe gigantic sigh of relief.

The Democrats placed an enormous amount of hope, not to mention dough, in this race. It looks like they have come up empty.

If so, they will try hard to spin this as a moral victory, or something. Don’t buy it. This is a bad result for them.

UPDATE: CNN has called the race for Handel. Excellent!



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