Loose Ends (26)

Reality Winner? Seriously? Is this person a long lost child of Frank Zappa or something? Another case of where Reality is stranger than fiction. “Yes, folks, Trump promised us so much winning we’d get tired of all the winning, but we have a Real Winner in the house!” I give up.

Incidentally, just how did this leftist wacko loon get hired at the NSA in the first place? I thought the deep state was at least competent at hiring people who are, you know, on our side, at least nominally?


If you want to understand why so many people regard Silicon Valley as part of a transnational elite—part of the Davoisie—that is fundamentally indifferent to America, you need look no further than here today:

Slap a huge wealth tax on these guys I say.


• In the “Oops I Thought the Europeans Were So Much Better Than Us Department”:


News breaking right now of some kind of violent attack outside Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. No word yet on the identity of the attacker, but it’s likely to be a Swedish Lutheran still mad about Pope Innocent III or something. In any case, I suspect this workplace poster will prove accurate:


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