Riding Bare/For Clean Air!

I recall several years ago coming across the statistic that the median age of members of nudist colonies is 55.  My first thought is that even mosquitos would find this fact unappealing.

So what to make of this headline and story about yet another rending of, um, garments over Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Accord:

There’s video at the link, if you want something to make you want to gouge your eyes out. Also photos:

Apparently this is an annual event, designed to express opposition to fossil fuels, or something. Anyway, they chanted, “Riding bare/for clean air!” So there’s that.

This part of the story especially defies parody:

Riders gathered at Hub Community Bike Shop on State Street at 3 p.m. for body painting and live folk music. Organizers at the Hub entrance explained expectations for participants, handing out pamphlets with instructions on “how not to creep around naked people.”

I have a practical suggestion. Oh never mind. . .


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