Sessions’ Testimony Should Reveal Absurdity of “Russia Investigation”

Tomorrow afternoon Attorney General Jeff Sessions will testify publicly, and I assume on television, before the Senate Intelligence Committee. The Associated Press previews Sessions’ appearance as though it were a cage match, but I am pretty sure it will be anticlimactic, if not embarrassing, for the Democrats. Because it will raise, in bald form, the question: what the heck are you investigating?

The AP writes:

The hearing will bring sharp questioning for Sessions and likely some uncomfortable moments from [sic] the Trump administration.

I doubt that.

Sessions is likely to be asked about his conversations with Ambassador Sergey Kislyak and whether there were more encounters that should have been made public.

The same Russian Ambassador whom the Democrats invited to sit with them for President Trump’s first address to a joint session of Congress?

The idea that it is somehow suspicious for Jeff Sessions, or anyone else, to talk with the Russian Ambassador, apparently the Democrats’ best friend, is absurd. Talking to people is what ambassadors do.

Well, the Democrats may ask, what did you talk about? I have no idea, but I can say with absolute certainty that Sessions’ answer will not be: we discussed what a great idea it would be for Russian hackers to spearfish credulous Democratic Party staffers so as to get access to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s email account, which could then be passed on to WikiLeaks. Because who knows, it might contain emails showing that the Democrats had a whole bunch of superdelegates, a principal purpose of which was to make sure that Hillary Clinton won the nomination–something that everyone who pays any attention to politics already knew.

This whole “investigation” is a farce. As Mark Steyn writes:

As everyone more sentient than an earthworm should know by now, “the Russia investigation” is Deep State dinner-theatre. I wrote a while back that, in today’s Hollywood, what Hitchcock used to call “the MacGuffin” – the pretext that sets the caper afoot, the secret papers, the microfilm – has degenerated into a MacNuffin: there’s no longer even a pretense that these stories are about anything. The “Russia investigation” is the ne plus ultra of MacNuffins, so smoothly transferred from Los Angeles to Washington that one vaguely suspects some studio vice-prez who bundled for Hillary came up with the idea as a reality-show pilot that accidentally bust out of the laboratory.

The idea that Jeff Sessions had something to do with a spearfishing expedition into the DNC’s email server (the Russians, if they were Russians, tried the same thing with the RNC, but the Republicans weren’t dumb enough to fall for it) is ridiculous. No one believes it, not even the most rabid Democrat. To say that there is no evidence to suggest any such thing is an understatement.

No doubt CNN, the New York Times and the Washington Post will pretend to find something “troubling” in Sessions’s testimony tomorrow, no matter what he says. But it is becoming increasingly obvious to any sane person that with regard to the “Russian investigation,” there is nothing to investigate.