Speaking of Leading Hate Groups . . .

Scott has rightly nominated the demagogic hucksters at the Southern Poverty Law Center as our leading hate group, but the SPLC certainly has a lot of competition from other liberals who want the title for themselves.

Start with the organizers of the gay pride parade in Chicago over the weekend who expelled a Jewish gay pride group because their Star of David pride flag (see left) is “oppressive.” As William Jacobson reports, “The flag was alleged to be ‘triggering’ to ‘pro-Palestinian’ participants.”

Here’s a suggestion for the flag the gay pride parade can use next year:

Item 2: It is possible this story is parody, but who can tell these days:

Beyond Pro-Choice: The Solution to White Supremacy is White Abortion

. . . White women: it is time to do your part! Your white children reinforce the white supremacist society that benefits you. If you claim to be progressive, and yet willingly birth white children by your own choice, you are a hypocrite. White women should be encouraged to abort their white children, and to use their freed-up time and resources to assist women of color who have no other choice but to raise their children. Women of color are in need of financial and humanitarian resources. As this white supremacist society continues to imprison black fathers, women of color are forced to stand alone in their plight to raise the next generation of Americans. White women: instead of devoting your time and energy to white children who will reinforce the struggles of women of color, how about asking women of color in what ways you can assist them in their self-liberation? How about adopting children of color who have lost their parents to the destructive white supremacist society that you have enabled and encouraged?

Of course, the best choice is to act preventatively to ensure that white children are not at risk of being born. But in circumstances in which termination and generation are the options, it is best to take advantage of your right to choose, and abort in favor of assisting women of color.

How long until this idea makes it into the Democratic platform? I give it until 2020.

Item 3: The Democratic talking point that the Senate Obamacare “repeal and replace” bill will “kill millions” would be comical if it weren’t so pathetic. Let’s see: Obamacare has been in operation for about three years now. Have mortality rates been falling by the millions? And if millions will die without Obamacare, I guess millions must have been dying before it took effect. Somehow I missed the news about this. Even CNN missed it.


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