The Summer’s Big Event Is Just Five Days Away

If you live within driving distance of the Twin Cities, you shouldn’t miss it. On the evening of June 17, the activist organization that I run, Center of the American Experiment, will hold its Annual Dinner. The Center’s Annual Dinner is the biggest conservative event in this part of the country. We have hosted speakers like Margaret Thatcher, Mikhail Gorbachev, the first President Bush, Henry Kissinger, Charles Krauthammer, and many more.

This year’s keynote speaker is our favorite senator, Tom Cotton, who will give us the inside scoop from Washington during the era of Trump and the Democrats’ long night of insanity. I will also recap some of the Center’s achievements during the past year and describe the projects we have in progress to improve our state and the nation, economically and culturally. I will play our most recent video on why liberal policies are bad for young people–trust me, it is funny–as well as one of our current radio ads, which also is entertaining.

The event is at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Minneapolis. It begins with a cocktail reception at 5:30. Doors open at 6:30, and the dinner begins at 7:00. You can get all of the details and buy tickets here or here. Tickets are $100, some of which is tax-deductible. You can also reserve seats by calling Pari Cariaga at (612) 338-3605 or emailing her at [email protected]

The Annual Dinner is a major fundraiser for my organization, so if you want to see Minnesota transformed into a red (conservative) state, please come! Making Minnesota a red state is our goal, and we are making a great deal of progress. And please do track me down and introduce yourself, or say Hi if we are already acquainted. This is a big event, and I hope to see a lot of Power Line readers there.

If you can’t come on the 17th but would like to help me turn Minnesota into a conservative state, you can go here to contribute to everything we do.


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