The Week in Pictures: Toxic Democrats Edition

I haven’t seen Democrats this dispirited since. . . yesterday. And I haven’t seen Democrats this angry since. . . also yesterday. They lost a special election because the rubes in Georgia just won’t recognize their nobility (though to their credit a few Democrats have openly admitted that their brand is “toxic”), and their complaints that a proposal to control health care spending is going to kill literally millions is a new level of demagoguery. I’m looking forward to the TV ad for this talking point: Will it feature Paul Ryan pushing millions of wheelchair-bound grannies all at once over a fiscal cliff? If so, it will the best endorsement of the P90X workout ever.

I thought it was Keith Richards at first.


Headlines of the week:

Sorry: This is your hunk with a gun for this week. I think. Can’t really tell these days.

And finally. . .