Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll is in a fighting mood. She asks you to HOLD MY BEER! She writes:

One of my favorite jokes concerns several “famous last words” in Texas. Attributed both to Kinky Friedman and Jeff Foxworthy, prominent among these last words are “Watch this” and “Hold My Beer.” Montana is fairly similar to Texas in outlook when some jackass gets in your face. It is one of my favorite states. Gunracks in pickups, and friendly guys who wave at a little woman out walking, what’s not to like?

Come with me in the Wayback Machine to the early days of SNL. Remember when Bill Murray used to play a guy “reviewing” the nominated movies in advance of the Oscars, and he would admit to never having watched but one or two? That was funny and, of course, it didn’t prevent his having an opinion on them.

So I will stipulate in advance that I have not watched any video of the “Thrillings in Billings” or the “Punch In the Nose, Man, in Boseman.” Wherever. Further, I could not pick either combatant out of a police lineup. I know no more about the facts of the case than the entire media know about what would motivate Putin to rig the election in order to sabotage the careless crook who was giving out uranium in swag bags. But I do have an opinion.

The nasty, wretched, wussified loser Democrats just got beat – AGAIN – by Toxic Masculinity, long may it wave. Ha. Ha. And also Ha.

It may also have helped that there was considerable early voting, though I have read on Power Line that that is not the case. Nonetheless, as I surmised and hoped, sensible Montanans were not overly upset that their guy engaged in a little pushing and shoving or even “body-slamming” with a d**khead “reporter” from the anti-Semitic left-wing Guardian.

I suppose now would be a good time to make the obligatory disclaimer that I do not condone or engage in any body-slamming, except gently in the privacy of my own bedroom, and not in the political arena for sure. And also that these views do not reflect those of the Power Line Boys (except Scott on a really bad day), their wives, journalist children, or any of their sponsors or advertisers, or the advertisers’ relatives or household help. But COME ON.

We have all seen a reporter ask “How do you feel right now?” to a (pick one): World Series losing pitcher who is crying; shell-shocked woman whose home has just been blown away by a tornado; or devastated little girl who has just lost the Little Miss Contest, while shoving a microphone and camera into his or her face.

Breathes there a man with soul so dead who never to himself has said, “That obnoxious, intrusive, misery-monger needs a good strong smack to the head”?

We have all seen a Presidential press conference of a Republican president in which, to take but one example, the late and unlamented Helen Thomas would screech the same “asked and answered” question about “murderous, overreacting Israelis” over and over again.

We have all read of 60 Minutes programs routinely interviewing their targets for hours and hours and then carefully editing all that footage to get exactly the “gotcha” spin they want. Sometimes even featuring an “answer” to a completely different question.

And that doesn’t make you occasionally want to hit someone? No? Seriously? Well, you’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din. But, I suspect most are. Before my rotator cuff injury, I used to fantasize about mud-wrestling Andrea Mitchell till that smug look was wiped off her face, or at least severely messing up her hair. Wouldn’t you pay to watch that as a Power Line fundraiser? Heck, it would even be worth it if I lost.

A rather difficult woman at our former synagogue once complained to Mr. AG that our beloved rabbi had been horribly unrabbinical and had told her to shut up. And Mr. AG, in one of his habitual, endearing cross-examinations asked, “What did YOU say right before he said that?” Not only did she not answer his question, she literally never spoke to him again. (May she rest in peace now, however.)

The Left has done a heckuva LOT “before that.” Our speakers are shouted down with impunity. And that’s if they can even fight their way through the masked, ISIS-costumed, rioting antifas to a venue. If the sponsoring group has ponied up enough insurance (ransom) against the left’s violence. For eight long years, the mildly conservative Fox News was attacked by the President and his lickspittles, who would tolerate nothing but cringe-worthy fawning.

And don’t give me, “We’re just as bad as they are if we engage in ‘violence.’” No, we aren’t. There really is such a thing as self-defense. As “Stand Your Ground.” Every child over the age of five understands the injustice of moral equivalence when “He started it.” They started it; they have been engaging in physical violence since long before the election. It’s way past time to say, “Hold my beer.”


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