U.K. Disaster?

The Labour party has been eclipsed under the inept leadership of far-left Jeremy Corbyn. Theresa May called an early election, planning to land a knockout punch, and the early polls looked like a sweeping Tory victory. But for some reason, polls shifted strongly to Labour over the last couple of weeks.

This is surprising for a couple of reasons. First, Jeremy Corbyn is an almost unbelievably bad politician. Hillary Clinton isn’t the world’s worst candidate for high office; not while Corbyn is around. Second, the recent terror attack in London would have been expected to swing votes toward May and away from Corbyn, a borderline pro-terrorist.

Yet, shockingly, exit polls tonight predict a “hung Parliament” in which neither major party wins a majority of seats. The Tories should have more than Labour, but some analysts think that Labour might have an easier time putting together a majority for a government. The pound sank like a stone after the exit polling was released.

The thought of Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister is absurd, but as of tonight, it appears that it is a real possibility. Let’s hope the exit polls prove to be wrong.