Gen X, D.C. style

The District of Columbia Department of Motor Vehicles proudly announces that it has become the first jurisdiction in the United States to issue a gender neutral drivers license. The historic event took place on June 27, when it issued a license to Nic Sakurai with the gender listed as “X.”

The DMV advises applicants, and as well license holders interested in changing their gender designation, as follows:

Applicants should indicate on the form the gender designation that is the best fit for them. Please
note transgender people may identify as male, female, or neither male nor female. Additionally,
people of any gender may choose not to disclose their gender using an X marker.

The DMV further advises:

An applicant is not required to have already changed their gender designation on their birth certificate or other forms of identification to change their gender on their District ID or license, and is not required to have matching gender designations on all forms of identification.

Congratulations to the District of Columbia for issuing id cards that allow one to opt out of identifying, and of identifying accurately, the most distinguishing of all characteristics.


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