The Week in Pictures: Media Meltdown Edition

Is this the week we’ll look back on for the moment when the mainstream media crossed over into full stark-raving madness? CNN had to fire three reporters and producers for running a genuine fake story, Sarah Palin is making a strong bid to become a minority shareholder of the New York Times (even as its reporters stage symbolic walkouts to protest layoffs), and Salon cemented its spot in the so-called “reality-based community” by refusing to print Trump’s name for an entire day. How brave of them. The Trump Administration’s decision to limit cameras in press briefings has outraged journalists who think that they get to set the rules, which only goes to reinforce what we know about how they regard voters—you know, the people in charge in democracy.

Cognitive dissonance, thy name is Bernie.

You may want to click to embiggen.

The greatest Supreme Court protest sign ever.


Also want.

Headlines of the week:

A reminder of the eternal cluelessness of the NYT mind.


DNC Headquarters perhaps?

This seems implausible.

“You’re just not informed unless you read Power Line every day.”

And finally. . .