The Week in Pictures: Groundhog Day Edition

As I surveyed the cartoons, memes, and photos in the large inventory for this week, I couldn’t help but think—”Isn’t this just like last week? And the week before? Is CNN still beclowning itself? Is Trump still provoking Tweetrages? More Russia fanaticism from everyone? Is Gov. Christie still on that beach?” I’m afraid right now that we may be in this pattern for the next three and a half years. It’s a Groundhog Day presidency. And it will drive the left out of their minds.

How long will it take Trump to tweet this out?


Headlines of the week:

Pro tip: Never re-enact the Dirty Dancing scene. It wasn’t that good to begin with.

Questions no one is asking:

What happens when teddy bears do meth?

And finally. . .