Logic. . .

is oppressive, patriarchal, and probably racist. At least it is in the increasingly numerous instances where it undermines the liberal narrative.

So I hesitate to point out that the following two things both can be true: (1) neo-Nazis are despicable and must take blame for the violence in Charlottesville and (2) the antifa left-wingers share responsibility for some of the violence.

President Trump has affirmed both propositions. Should he have affirmed the first one faster than he did? I think so.

However, I’m glad Trump is not letting go of the second proposition. Left-wing lawlessness is a growing problem in this country. It should not be swept under the rug. The fascists who are engaging in it need to be called out.

Standing up to the braying asses in the media during his press conference yesterday was the right thing for the president to do. I’m not a fan of Trump, and my view of his presidency is mixed. But I enjoyed watching (via replay) his performance.


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