Meet Byron Buxton

Baseball is a beautiful game when it’s played well and you can watch it with a rooting interest in the home team. I have continued watching the Minnesota Twins this season even though management recently gave up on their playoff chances, trading away their closer (Brandon Kintzler) and a newly acquired starter (Jaime Garcia) after one appearance. We nevertheless have the pleasure of watching some talented young players come into their own.

One such is Twins center fielder Byron Buxton. He is notably fast and heedless of his safety. On Twitter Byron provides this profile of himself: “Outfielder For Minnesota Twins! South Georgia kid pursuing his dream! Proud Father and Husband! God First! Blessed! Psalms 37:4!”

Byron hasn’t yet come into his own as a hitter, though he unnerves opposing teams with his speed when he manages to get on base. On defense he’s the kind of guy for whom the statistic “runs saved” was created — as we saw last night, with the Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera at the plate. Supplying the color commentary, former Twins great Torii Hunter nailed it with a rhetorical question: “Really?” Torii himself wasn’t too shabby in center field.

SB Nation has more here.


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