The Story Behind the Roto-Broil 400

Burnt Toast is a podcast about food. I normally wouldn’t hear it, but my wife urged me to listen to this episode. Burnt Toast had done a podcast on the Roto-Broil 400, one of the premier kitchen devices of the early 1960s. The Roto-Broil remains a cult item that is still in use in some homes.

After that podcast, the producer received a message that led to a follow-up, which was the show my wife wanted me to hear. The message came from the son-in-law of the Roto-Broil’s inventor, Leon Klinghoffer. Klinghoffer’s two daughters are guests on the podcast. They delightfully recount their father’s life as a hardware store owner, inventor and entrepreneur. Here it is:

Klinghoffer’s murder by Islamic terrorists is discussed at the end of the interview, but no one should be remembered only for the manner of his death. This interview is a nice tribute to Leon Klinghoffer, as his family knew him.