A sight to behold

Axios draws attention to “1 inspiring thing” in yesterday’s USC-Western Michigan football game. It was the moment when Jake Olson successfully snapped the ball for the point after USC’s final touchdown in the game.

Bill Plaschke has a moving account of what made the moment special in the Los Angeles Times column “For Jake Olson and the Trojans, it was truly a sight to behold.” Plaschke tips his hat to Western Michigan coach Tim Lester. “The Broncos needed to know that they might be facing a blind center so they could respond with the appropriate sensitivity.” Do read the whole thing. It’s a great story.

Quotable quote: “There’s a beauty in it,” Olson said, still sweating through his uniform early Saturday evening. “If you can’t see how God works things out, then I think you’re the blind one.”


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