A word from the Weekly Standard

We frequently link to Weekly Standard articles and editorials in our Picks and posts. Yesterday, for example, we had Dominic Green’s extremely interesting Weekly Standard column “Theresa May’s Indian summer” in our Picks. When readers wrote a few months ago to complain that their access to the linked articles was cut off after reaching a certain number, I raised the issue with the editors and sought to confirm the number. Weekly Standard editor Richard Starr now writes to advise:

I wanted to let you know that our IT folks have finally after much pleading implemented a system to selectively white-list referrals so they’re not hit by our paywall.

In plain English, if anyone at Power Line links to a Weekly Standard piece, no reader who follows the link should hit our paywall as they read that piece. Even if they’ve previously been locked out by the paywall. (They’ll still hit the paywall if they try to read other things, but not the piece linked on your site.)



I wanted readers to know that they can access our links to the Standard via the ingenuity of the Standard IT staff and the courtesy of the Standard’s editors. I appreciate their following up on our inquiry in this most gracious manner.


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