Franken opposes, Klobuchar disposes

This past Thursday the SEIU, the NEA, the NAACP and other left-wing interest groups promulgated a joint letter opposing the nomination of Minnesota Supreme Court Justice David Stras by President Trump to fill a seat on the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. I read the joint letter as an echo of Franken’s comments on the nomination as well as a cue to Franken to oppose Stras. Today Senator Franken duly announced he would withhold his blue slip with the intent of blocking the Senate’s consideration of Justice Stras. Following his announcement, Senator Amy Klobuchar — who had maintained radio silence — announced that Stras was okay with her; at least he deserves a hearing. Keeping up the appearance of bipartisanship, Klobuchar slithers like a snake.

The Star Tribune has carried essentially no news on the Stras nomination since the day he was named by President Trump. Yet the machinations by Franken and Klobuchar in connection with the nomination have been varied and many. We have done our best to keep up with them on Power Line despite Senator Klobuchar’s persistent refusal to respond to our requests for comment. She’s been busy slithering.

The Star Tribune covers developments today in a story by Jennifer Brooks here. Brooks goes so far as to observe that President Trump may move on to appoint a lawyer who comes from a state other than one represented by Minnesota’s Klowns. As for the blue slips, the ball is in Senator Grassley’s court.



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