Looking On the Bright Side

It’s been a slow day here at Power Line, probably the slowest in some years. Paul and Scott have been out of commission for Yom Kippur, I believe, and my day has been consumed by sports. Starting at 11 this morning, I saw the Minnesota Gophers lose by a touchdown to the Maryland Terrapins, their traditional Big 10 rival. Paul was no doubt happy about that one. But it was a beautiful day, and the company was good.

Then I spent the evening at Target Field, watching the Minnesota Twins play their next to last game of the regular season. Once again, the company was better than the outcome, as the Detroit Tigers beat the Twins 3-2. It was OK, though, since the Twins have clinched the second wild-card spot in the American League and will play a one-game playoff against their nemesis, the Yankees, on Tuesday.

While both home teams lost, I was grateful for one thing: there was no kneeling at either event. These days, that is enough to satisfy many sports fans.


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