Loose Ends (28)

A couple of items for your amusement. First, I’m tempted to call this one “broken hockey sticks”:

The problem with this chart is that it has no separate axis for the CO2 trendline, though using the usual compressed axis that the UN climate reports do for CO2 would look exactly like this, so what’s the problem?

• Charles Murray spoke at Harvard yesterday, but not without threat of violent disruption:

Turns out a black studies group circulated a memo objecting to Murray’s appearance, but somehow couldn’t quite get the name straight. Murphy?

P.S. Murray’s talk went off just fine. Which shows that standing up to the campus crybullies works:

UPDATE: Charles reflects on the day here.

This slip in an AP story accurately reflects how liberals really think about the matter:

Alexandre Kojeve*, call your office.

(*Kojeve was the philosopher most associated with the idea of the “universal homogenous state,” the beloved goal of cosmopolitan liberals everywhere.)

• Finally, this may be the goofiest music video ever, from a 1970s Spanish disco troupe—it tops even Donny and Marie Osmond’s “Reelin;’ in the Years,” which no one should watch on the week of Walter Becker’s passing. I’m tempted to suggest it looks like the product of a caucus meeting between PETA and every Democratic Party identity politics group imaginable:


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