Memo to CNN: They Don’t Call It The “Boob Tube” for Nothing

So here is the CNN video highlight of the year. Today CNN had on someone named Clay Travis, who apparently is a popular sports radio host (I don’t listen to sports talk radio), talking about the ESPN controversy over Jamele Hill saying something mean about Trump (I don’t watch ESPN either), and Travis repeated several times that the only two things he believes in are the First Amendment and. . . boobs. Well, okay. Sounds to me like a male sports fan being honest. Let’s face it, with NFL attendance and TV ratings sagging, I predict we’ll see a lot more air time for NFL cheerleaders this fall.

CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin obviously couldn’t believe what she was hearing, and asked Travis to repeat himself, which he was pleased to do several times. Whereupon Baldwin asks, “Why are you sitting here, live on CNN. . . saying such a thing?” To which Travis missed the obvious answer: Because you invited me? Because it is time to tell the truth about the “boob tube”? I have no idea, but I think the CNN investigative division needs to follow up with a five-hour documentary. (By the way, I’d pay big money for a tape of what the segment producer was saying to Baldwin during this segment, as well as the chatter in the control room. Grade AAA stuff I’ll bet.)

No one better say “fake news” in our comment thread. That would be blowing this up out of proportion.


UPDATE: A data chart!
UPDATE 2: Everyone knows what high standards CNN has: